New — Multiplication with Decimals Unit. Make sense of multiplication with decimals in this new 5th grade unit. We engage prior knowledge with fractions, introduce a farmers market context, and employ dynamic models. Students move from concepts and contexts to procedures. With the unit's powerful models and cohesive instruction this challenging topic becomes visually and cognitively clear for students at all levels.

Watch the Unit Overview video below:

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Visual Models Bring Clarity to Multiplication with Decimals

Visual models include a skip counting number line, vectors on a number line, and a segmented area model or closed array.

Open Array Model Gives Students a Powerful Tool

The open array gives students a powerful computational device, complete with partial products. This model exemplifies the latest research and next-generation standards.

Farmers Market Theme Gives Context to Lessons

The farmers market serves as a central theme. If one grape weighs 0.6 ounces, how much do 10 grapes weigh?

Students Create Smoothie Recipes in Real World Investigation

Don't forget the smoothies! This unit is anchored in a real world investigation that allows students to create their own smoothie recipes, making the most of multiplication with decimals. Sweet and healthy!

New — Understanding Decimals Unit. Students gain a deep understanding of decimals with our new 5th grade place value unit. With an underlying Olympics and fitness theme, students work with decimal values like the time it takes to run a race or the distance a student rides a bicycle to school. Students use visual models that relate decimals to fractions and whole number place value models.

Watch the Unit Overview video below:

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Students Race to Learn about Decimals

Students learn that running 1/4 of the big race is the same as running 0.25.

Using Different Models to Visualize Decimals

Students use a variety of models to visualize and represent decimals.

A Real World Investigation of Olympic BMX Cycling

This two-week unit is anchored in a real world investigation about the Olympics and BMX cycling. Students research actual Olympic data reported in hundredths of a second.

New — Real World Investigation Discussion Guides. Every Conceptua Math unit now features a fully-integrated, multi-part Real World Investigation. These rich tasks include onscreen discussion guides, making them easy for teachers to integrate. Each week, students will enjoy exploring the ways mathematics informs our real-life goals and decisions.

Real World Investigations include Movie Theater and College

Themes include planning a movie theater, saving for college, and more.

Real World Investigation Screenshot - Road Trip

Discussion guides give teachers the support they need to facilitate multi-step, high-demand tasks.

Real World Investigations follow a structure to build students' experiences in using mathematics to explain the world around them.

  • Unit Launcher - Each unit starts with a discussion about connecting new learning to real life.
  • Part 1 - Students work with theme-based data.
  • Part 2 - Students add some of their own data.
  • Part 3 - Students provide all of the data, taken from their own lives or imaginations.

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