Management Team. Conceptua Math is a team of highly experienced curriculum software developers and educators. Based in Northern California, our cumulative experience includes over 100 years of educational software development and classroom experience, numerous research projects and over a dozen published software products in reading, writing, math and special needs.

Arjan Khalsa

Arjan Khalsa, CEO
Arjan Khalsa is a leader and visionary in digital curriculum for the 21st century classroom. Over the past 30 years, he has been a pioneer in educational technology, curriculum development, educational research, and ed-tech entrepreneurship. He has specialized in solutions for kindergarten through eighth grade, addressing mathematics, reading, science, and special education. Starting with a federal research grant to use the power of interactive technology in visual and conceptual math instruction for grades K-8, he co-founded Conceptua Math with his close colleague, Edward Murphy. Prior to Conceptua, Arjan co-founded IntelliTools, Inc. and developed the company into a leader in assistive technologies for students with special needs. He co-founded the Assistive Technology Industry Association, helped write special education legislation, and has served on a number of education-related boards of directors. Arjan sold IntelliTools to Cambium Learning in 2006. For more information about Arjan Khalsa’s business leadership and commitment to education, visit

Edward Murphy

Edward Murphy, Chief Technology Officer
Ed Murphy has been a leader in educational technology development for over 20 years. In the late 1980’s and 1990’s, he was the President of Presage Software Development, where he led the development of popular educational programs like KidPix® Studio Deluxe and Mario® Teaches Typing. Ed started working with researchers ten years ago, specializing in reading and math in elementary school. He was the Director of Software Development for Talking Fingers, Inc., where he developed Read, Write, and Type products, and was the Vice President for Product Engineering at IntelliTools, Inc., where he led the creation of Classroom Suite Version 4. Ed did post-graduate work in software engineering at Harvard, and his intelligent approach to engineering is manifest in his close attention to the relationship between research and software development.

Lauri Susi

Lauri Susi, Director of Professional Development
Lauri Susi has over 20 years experience as a classroom teacher in grades pre-k through high school. Throughout most of those years, she taught at the university level as well, and she continues to hold a university post today. Lauri has a masters degree in special education and educational technology. She is an expert in matters involving students with special needs, students who struggle, and the strategic use of technology within school districts. She has co-directed a research project on fractions software for upper-elementary students, and has co-directed the implementation of a large-scale research project on technology to teach math to second grade students. Lauri is an excellent teacher-trainer and consultant to district administrators. She lives in Orlando, Florida.

David Robertshaw

David Robertshaw, Vice President of Project Management
David Robertshaw has over 15 years of experience in sales, product management and marketing. After several years in sales, David spent 11 years at IntelliTools, where, in addition to managing technical support, QA and localizations, he served as Director of Product Management, overseeing the development of many educational software products for elementary school students. His math-oriented projects included MathPad Plus: Fractions and Decimals (published by InfoUse), Number Concepts 1 & 2, IntelliMathics and Classroom Suite 4. David has a keen interest in helping students with disabilities. He has presented at national and international disability conferences and has a certificate in Assistive Technology Applications from CSUN. A graduate of UCLA, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), has an MBA in international business, speaks Spanish and Japanese, and runs ultra-marathons.

John Laskarzewski

John Laskarzewski, Director of Implementation
John “Laz” has close to 40 years of classroom teaching experience. He was a middle school science teacher before serving for ten years as the instructional leader for technology in the Plainville Community Schools in Plainville, Connecticut. John has also taught at the university level for four years. An avid practitioner of educational technology with a passion for developing math interactions using technology, John has co-directed a research project on fractions software for upper-elementary students, and has co-directed the implementation of a large-scale research project on technology to teach math to second grade students. He is also a diligent software developer, data collector, and analyst, and is the kind of person who makes district administrators and teachers feel confident that their computers really can work.

Fred Ross-Perry

Fred Ross-Perry, Vice President of Product Development
Fred Ross-Perry has 30 years of experience developing technology products, the last 13 of which have been devoted to educational software for elementary and middle school students. Fred is particularly interested in developing math software and has been a lead participant in developing such titles as IntelliMathics® and Classroom Suite, published by IntelliTools/Cambium Learning, along with MathPad® and MathPad® plus: Fractions and Decimals, published by InfoUse. Fred also led the development of IntelliKeys® USB, published by IntelliTools/Cambium Learning. Fred has a unique ability to work with educators, listen to their needs, and create software that addresses their spoken and unspoken requirements.

Rodger Kobayashi

Key Consultants

Rodger Kobayashi, Part time CFO
Rodger Kobayashi is a Chief Financial Officer specializing in preparing and executing operating plans, building financial and operational infrastructure, securing early stage financing, leading productive, effective teams, and building strong relationships with investors, board members, employees and outside advisers. He serves as a part time CFO for growing businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, with special emphasis on high-potential technology and education enterprises.

Marci Goldberg

Marci Goldberg, MBA., K-12 Market Advisors
Marci Goldberg, MBA., is a key leadership advisor with a variety of educational organizations. Marci was VP of Marketing at Tom Snyder Productions, setting company strategy, spearheading marketing efforts, and managing budgets. For seven years, Marci worked with Educational Systemics, driving marketing, product, and business development projects in the publishing, curriculum, and administrative systems side of K-12 education. Additionally, Marci served as a Management Consultant to Chicago Public Schools, helping with the district-wide implementation of a new Student Information System. Marci is currently a co-author of the MDR State of the K-12 Market Report, a comprehensive analysis of the K-12 marketplace.