Overview.   Conceptua® Fractions is a robust fractions curriculum that is designed and built around the Common Core State Standards. This breakthrough program, designed to Keep the Teacher in the Equation™, uses a wealth of visual models to develop students’ thinking as it progresses from concrete to abstract representations.

Visually-Interactive Curriculum

Conceptua Fractions uses visual and conceptual models to lead students from concrete representations to numeric procedures. Students work with Guided Lessons that include a variety of models chosen to reflect the finest research and support the Common Core Standards. Students are exposed to number lines, area models, contiguous models, and discrete models, as they develop the flexible thinking associated with good mathematicians. Each Guided Lessons is hand-crafted, sequenced from concrete to abstract learning.

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Rich, Interactive Teacher Supports

Conceptua Fractions includes teacher-directed components for every lesson. This is how we Keep the Teacher in the Equation™. The teacher has the ability to start and end every lesson by leading rich classroom discussions. No preparation is needed. All of the supports are included in the curriculum for just-in-time delivery. The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice come alive as students explain, discuss, and defend their mathematical thinking.

  • Lesson Opener —The teacher leads a rich, technology-aided fraction Number Talk and introduces the topic presented in the Guided Lesson.
  • Lesson Closer—The teacher checks for student understanding using a pre-made visual presentation.
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Adaptive Teaching for Differentiated Instruction

Students must work at their own pace, and struggling students need extra practice to maintain grade-level achievement. Conceptua Fractions gives both teachers and students supports for instantly differentiating instruction. Teachers get frequent, in-session opportunities to check individual understanding and review student errors. Within 1 minute, a teacher can diagnose student needs and assign a remediation exercise. Students get pre-made remediation lessons to give them the necessary skill-building opportunities. Remediation options include more practice at a similar level of difficulty, remediated practice with enhanced supports, or practice of a pre-skill.

Real World Connections

Real World Investigations provide opportunities for students to use authentic data and apply their mathematical knowledge.

Conceptua Tool Investigations use concept models to deepen students’ understanding.


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Comprehensive reporting supports teachers in using data to drive decisions. Class progress and student views provide insight into which students are struggling or lessons that are challenging the class. Administrators can view progress at the school or district level to assess school usage or drill-down to class and individual performance.

Scope and Sequence

Conceptua Fractions curriculum consists of 9 Big Ideas or units organized into 144 lesson sequences designed around the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. Each lesson sequence includes integrated teacher supports, Guided Lessons for independent student work, and mathematical investigations. Big Idea topics include Understanding Fractions, Adding/Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying with Fractions, and Dividing with Fractions.

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Easily Manage Your Classroom

Conceptua Fractions makes it easy to manage a classroom and differentiate instruction by enabling a teacher to assign topics to the entire class or to individual students with the click of a button.