We Believe. Conceptua Math is the leader in online visually-interactive math curriculum. Our company was founded by a team of educational publishing and research leaders with a mission to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics.

We believe that online math curriculum should . . .

Keep the Teacher in the Equation™. We believe that great curriculum should support the classroom environment, empowering both teachers and students simultaneously. We provide teachers with just-in-time supports so that they will lead rich classroom discussions. These supports come in the form of Openers and Closers, interactive classroom discussion guides that are unprecedented in the industry. We want the typical teacher to be able to deliver excellent results without the requirement for extensive preparation.

Deliver visual and conceptual learning with real life connections. We believe in visual learning, and we stand by this statement: Our team has been developing best-in-class visual models for children’s education for over 25 years, and all of our experience is applied to these patent-pending math technologies. Our models deepen cognitive understanding, and appeal to varying learning styles. Our Guided Lessons are hand-crafted and carefully sequenced from concrete to abstract. We also develop thoughtful real-world applications to provide meaningful applications of skills learned.

Enable Adaptive Teaching to differentiate instruction. We believe that today’s data must be used to differentiate today’s instruction, and that technology offers unique power to make that dream a reality. Furthermore, we believe that the teacher should be the mediator of interventions for struggling students. So, we blend technology with curriculum to foster Adaptive Teaching and help students follow an individualized path. Conceptua Math provides a 60-second visual window for the teacher to see student errors. The curriculum is comprised of rich, pre-made remediation lessons. The teacher diagnoses the student errors and assigns a pre-made remediation lesson instantly.

Make the Common Core come alive. Conceptua Math is designed from the ground up by educators who fundamentally believe in the Common Core Standards and who consult with leaders in the Common Core Standards movement. The program supports the Standards for Mathematical Practice and follows a concrete-to-representational-to-abstract methodology that has proven so successful in Singapore Math.

Reach struggling students through Universal Design. We believe that good instructional design intentionally includes students of differing learning styles and differing abilities. We stood at the front of the Universal Design for Learning movement when working together at IntelliTools® in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and we maintain our commitment to multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression.

Conceptua Math, an innovator in digital K–8 math curriculum, was founded by a team of leaders in K-12 educational publishing with a mission to help teachers teach and students learn in a visual, conceptual, and meaningful way. Arjan Khalsa, CEO, and Ed Murphy, CTO, shared leadership roles at IntelliTools, Inc., where they served school districts throughout the United States and broke new ground in visual learning for students with disabilities. Conceptua Math is grounded by scientific research with patent-pending technologies that enable visual and conceptual understanding. Conceptua Math ushers in a new era in which teachers and students use digital, visual manipulatives to master difficult math topics.