Jon Vanderberg

4th Grade Teacher – Bath Elementary, MI

Conceptua was the perfect way to open units and build conceptual understanding as well as number sense.

I have my students using the “Tools" section. Using the equivalent fraction tool has been a tremendous help. My students are taking a given fraction, turning off the expression function, and finding equivalent fractions using models. They then turn the expression function back on to make the connection between the models and the mathematical calculations that generated the equivalent fraction (including simplest form). This is huge! Good stuff!

I love your program. I can’t use it as a complete resource, but it is fundamental to my success teaching 4th grade math to a very needy population. The two most important things it does for me are:

  1. It gives the visual, conceptual activities. Conceptua prepares students for more abstract, rigorous work (including high level problem solving).
  2. Conceptua Tools are an outstanding resource to utilize when students are working. It gives them a tool they can manipulate WHEN THEY NEED IT, which is awesome.

You guys are awesome. I hope Conceptua continues to grow and expand.