Fractions for Homeschool Families. Our affordable, online software helps homeschool parents and students work together to master fractions. By combining flexible math visualization tools with highly-supported fractions lessons, students of all abilities can practice with concept models and build procedural fluency.

Ideal for parent-guided instruction

You don't need to be a math expert to help your children understand fractions. Parents can use our flexible fractions tools to demonstrate fractions concepts in a simple, interactive way. Use multiple models to show equal parts, shade parts, make common denominators and add and subtract fractions.

Build your own curriculum

Your child can practice with any of over 400 lessons to solidify their understanding. Each lesson lasts 5-10 minutes and includes additional built-in support lessons. Parents can control the amount of time spent on each topic and move their child to anywhere in the sequence of lessons. All fractions lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Built-in Instructional Support

Every student learns differently, and can benefit from different types of instructional support. Our lessons include built-in supports, including multiple visual models, strategic feedback with spoken text, and highly-scaffolded language. These are designed to help students progress at their own pace.

Assess your child's progress

Conceptua Fractions is not “edutainment” – it’s highly focused math instruction with built-in assessment. Each lesson ends with a short skills assessment. You can review your child's responses, help them work through any errors and then choose which activity to do next: similar difficulty, practice with more models and support, or work on a related pre-skill.

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Instructional Support

Progress Tracking