Best-in-Class Curriculum, Delivered Online.   Guided lessons are at the heart of Conceptua® Fractions. Students sign in to these lessons, using an iPad or computer, to engage in concentrated learning experiences.

Carefully Crafted, Concentrated Learning

Each Guided Lesson has been developed by a highly-skilled author to provide a hand-crafted learning experience; there is no randomization in Conceptua Fractions. The Guided Lessons contain prompts, cues, and strategic feedback to draw the student’s attention to important information and facilitate independent completion. A high motivation factor leads to fast-paced, concentrated learning.

  • Between August and December of 2012, students completed a total of 150,000 lessons of up to 30 problems each. 75% of these lessons were completed in less than 15 minutes! Concentrated learning.
student using ipad

Concrete to Abstract

Conceptua Fractions offers an excellent way to enact “CRA”: concrete to representational to abstract. In the Guided Lessons, students build skills by progressing from visual models and story problems to numeric equations. This progression unfolds over time, providing students with a meaningful learning experience. The Conceptua learning path reflects both the Common Core Standards and Singapore Math techniques.

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Visually-Interactive, Intrinsically Motivating

Conceptua Fractions engages students through the joy of successful learning. Students use multiple visual models to gain an understanding of the many meanings of fractions. There are no dinosaurs or badges, but rather a series of educational epiphanies. As students learn to think in a flexible and powerful way, their authentic curiosity becomes the driving motivator.

multiple visual models

Pacing and Remediation

Students work at different rates and require different levels of guidance to master mathematical topics. Conceptua Fractions uses a unique method to deliver extra guidance to students who struggle. Every standard lesson is complimented with remediation lessons that offer additional instructional supports at three different levels. To learn more, see the discussion on Adaptive Teaching for Differentiated Instruction.

Student Investigations

Each Big Idea includes Student Investigations that provide opportunities to apply and extend the skills learned in the Guided Lessons. In the paper-based Real World Investigations, students use authentic data to describe how to package treats for a candy company, design a sports complex, or plan a road trip. Conceptua Tool Investigations use artistic, online tools, including pattern blocks and colors on a grid, to give students an expressive way to demonstrate their understanding of fractions.

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