Differentiated Instruction. Conceptua Fractions reaches all students by meeting the needs of those with a variety of learning styles. It provides a systematic, sequential approach to teaching fractions while offering engaging lessons that include conceptual models, auditory support and scaffolding to differentiate instruction for all types of learners.

Highly Scaffolded Lessons

All Guided Lessons provide just enough scaffolding to allow students an opportunity to work with challenging material at a level in which they can be successful. The Guided Lessons contain prompts, cues and strategic feedback to draw student attention to important information and facilitate independent completion. Strategic feedback based on specific student errors along with visual cues supports the students in correcting errors and in learning to monitor their progress.

Response to Intervention

Conceptua Math supports a wide range of diverse learners who receive instruction in any of the three tiers of RtI. Conceptua Fractions can be used in whole group, small group or individual instructional settings. By applying the right supports and scaffolds, Conceptua Fractions provides cost-effective interventions that can be used in all three tiers of RtI. Learn more >

Formative Assessment

Teachers get frequent, in-session opportunities to check individual understanding and review student errors. Within 1 minute, a teacher can diagnose student needs and assign a remediation exercise. Options include more practice at a similar level of difficulty, remediated practice with enhanced supports, or practicing a pre-skill. This branching can be employed to initiate Tier II RtI interventions. See more >

English Language Learners

All Activities support English Language Learners by providing multi-modal access to math concepts by combining text-to-speech, limited and controlled language, fraction models and visual prompts. Activities provide students with initial support through the use of carefully crafted short instructions, examples and the use of models. Features that support English Language Learners include:

  • A focus on essential learning outcome through big ideas and key concepts
  • Linking of big ideas and key concepts across lessons
  • Text-to-speech reads directions aloud
  • Controlled math terminology and process vocabulary
  • Modeling of meaningful relationships and concepts

Special Education

Conceptua Fractions provides the opportunity for students in special education to access and progress in the general education math curriculum aligned to state standards. Concepts and skills are presented in highly sequenced, small learning steps, allowing students to master one level before progressing to the next. The software supports instruction found to be effective for students with disabilities; systematic explicit instruction, self-instruction, peer tutoring and the use of visual models. Formative assessment provides the teacher with immediate feedback, opportunities to reteach and a selection of modified lessons for the next learning steps. Features that support students with special needs include:

  • Modeling of meaningful relationships and concepts
  • Systematic hierarchy of lessons within each topic
  • Visual and auditory prompts, cues and feedback
  • Text-to-speech which reads directions aloud
  • Extensive accessibility features

Universal Design

Conceptua Fractions provides differentiated instruction by supporting features of universal design, allowing students to work at their individual pace with challenging content. Features include:

  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Multiple representations through a rich source of manipulatives
  • Pictorial, text and verbal modes of presenting essential information
  • Accessible design that is usable by students with diverse functional limitations

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