We Keep the Teacher in the Equation™

  • Teachers deliver rich mathematics education with superior instructional tools.
  • Teachers facilitate daily and weekly cycles of personal interaction and group discourse.
  • Teachers receive embedded coaching in the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
  • Teachers excel in a classroom where formative assessment is daily practice.

Students Thrive with the Best Blend of . . .

  • Personalized Learning and Social Learning
  • Whole Class Instruction, Small Group Instruction, and Individual Instruction
  • Technology, Hands-On, Paper-and-Pencil, and Discourse
  • Rich Tasks and Skill Building

Personalized Learning with Guided Lessons

We offer 280 student lessons with interactive visual models, personalized feedback, and daily skills checks. Students who need extra help (25% on average) are sent to specialized differentiation lessons.

We feature a Fact Fluency program that builds automaticity. To learn more watch the video.

New K-2 Lessons Add Heightened Engagement

Young learners meet fascinating characters as they joyfully engage in a variety of tasks all tied to the latest standards. They use manipulatives, paper and pencil, group activities, and computer-based lessons.

Daily Math Talks with Teacher Discussion Guides

We offer over 600 classroom discussion guides. Teachers use these to engage students, make student thinking visible, and help every student to succeed every day.

Rich Tasks with a Blended Approach

Our curriculum offers entry level, progressing, and mastery tasks for every unit. Students learn to collect meaningful data, from their daily life or the world around, and apply mathematical understanding.

Industry Award-Winning Visual Models for Grades 3-5

Our visual models make the leading research in elementary math come alive. Virtual manipulatives, number lines, arrays, and so many other representations are all fully interactive. When students use our models they are directly preparing for web-based assessments.

Algebra Readiness Content for Grades 3-5


21 Units for Grades 3-5

  • 280 3-Part Lessons offer:
    • Math Talks (Opener & Closer), Student Lesson, and Exit Ticket
    • 40 – 50 Minutes of Instruction Each
  • 840 Differentiation Lessons
  • 63 Rich Tasks which include Data Analysis
  • 644 Discussion Guides

4 Units for Grades K-2 (new release, more in development)

  • 26 3-Part Computer Lessons
  • 40 Teacher-facilitated, hands-on lessons
  • Every lesson includes:
    • Math Talks (Opener & Closer), Student Lesson, and Exit Ticket
    • 30 – 45 Minutes of Instruction Each


Standards and Content Align with:

  • Counting and Cardinality
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
  • Fractions

Reporting & Analytics

Through formative assessment and actionable feedback, Conceptua Math helps teachers track and adjust ongoing teaching and learning strategies to improve student’s attainment of curricular goals.