Conceptua Fractions Credits. Conceptua Fractions is the result of the collaborative efforts of a dedicated group of developers, experts, and educators.

Conceptua Staff

Arjan Khalsa Leadership
Ben Ventura Engineering
David Robertshaw Project Management
Edward Murphy Design, Engineering
Eloise Lengyel Content Development
Fred Ross-Perry Design, Engineering
John Laskarzewski Design, Content
Lauri Susi Design, Content
Lisa Sheean Quality Assurance
Narayan Khalsa Content Development
Saki Khalsa Project Management

Consulting Product Developers

Meagan Susi, M.Ed. Lessons and Supports
Maria Flanagan, M.Ed. Teacher Supports
Jessica Adler, M.Ed. Teacher Supports
Lisa Ellsworth, M.Ed Teacher Supports
Ashton & Partners Design
LINK Creative Engineering
Six Red Marbles Design
Krautworks Design
Art & Logic iPad Version
Matthew Press Videos
Gloria Clark Voice-overs
Martin LaFleur Bug Testing
Rob Bogdonoff Bug Testing
Toby Levinson Content

Expert Advisors

Barbara Dougherty, Ph.D.  
Julie McNamara, Ph.D.  
Nora Ramirez, Ph.D.  
Nadine Bezuk, Ph.D.  
Robyn Silbey, M.S.  
Steve Klass, M.A.  

Pilot Testing and Feedback

Andrea Smith  
Sara Miller  
Robyn Seifert  
Mary Elizabeth Mendenhall  
Victoria Martinez